The Best Vitamins For Dogs

The importance of vitamin supplements has been known to man for a long time and used extensively for a number of reasons all around the globe. However, in recent times, with the development of technology, vitamins have also found their way in the diets for man’s best friends… our pet dogs! So if you are looking for the perfect dog vitamin for your pet amongst the wide range of best vitamins for dogs that available all around us, here is a guide to help you choose!

In the United States of America, almost a third of the entire number of pet dogs are provided vitamins for dogs. Besides safeguarding them from the various disorders, these dog vitamins are also known to harmonize the joints and muscles of the body of the dog, which in turn prevents diseases like arthritis which are very common in pets later on in their lives. If you want your pet to have a shiny coat and also maintain the acidic-alkaline balance, choose from the best vitamins for dogs and be assured for your pet’s good health.

Today the demand for dog vitamins are so high, that it is a lucrative industry with a growth of almost 37%, which is huge, considering the small number of pets that most people have. Most veterinary doctors recommend these supplements as most of their clients wish to invest in the best dog vitamins, that ensures your pet is comfortable and safe now as well as at a later age. However, for dogs who are fed store-bought food, these supplements may often be unnecessary. This is because most of the store-bought food are already endowed with enough vitamins and nutrients to ensure a well-rounded balanced for your dog. However, pets who are raised on a diet made up almost entirely by home-cooked food need these vitamins at a regular interval.

In fact, if your dog food is already fortified with calcium or an overdose of vitamins and you are opting for additional vitamin supplements, this may do more harm than good. Too much calcium can form unwanted deposits on the organs and this can lead to a number of disorders including cardiac failure. Herbal medicines too, can, in fact, be fatal, as they can interfere with the digestion of food, especially if your pet is also taking daily supplements of any other medicine. Opt for probiotics instead. Anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C, E can help reduce anti-aging issues that your pet may have, while also ensuring a glossy coat of hair. Any form of inflammation is often cured by these as well.

So before you invest in any medicine for your dog, it is best to get your pet checked by a qualified veterinary doctor and follow their advice. Follow their advice and opt for a vitamin that is the perfect blend of goodness while causing the least amount of side effects for your pet. Look for long term benefits instead of concentrating on issues that might be temporary.