Why The Best Dog Harnesses Are Relative

The dog harness has been invented as a step-up to the more primitive dog collar. The collar simply wraps around the neck of the canine. In contrast, a leather dog harness encompasses not only the neck area but your pet’s back and chest areas as well. A dog owner usually switches from the collar approach to a harness for dogs when he or she feels that the former just isn’t working.

The switch to greater creature comforts in favor of the canine in the equation doesn’t have to be a costly one. For the truth is, even the best dog harnesses can be reasonably priced. Also, there are as many best dog harnesses as there are different kinds of dog behavior. For example, a small dog harness doesn’t only address the pooch’s size.

It will likewise need to work in favor of the dog’s personality. To illustrate, when the animal is a proven escape artist, it wouldn’t be a good idea to get the  Ruffwear Front Range or the Expawlorer harness for dogs, even though the latter is being advertised as escape proof. This is for the simple reason that the dog can easily chew the straps of the latter, breaking out of control when least expected.

As for the Ruffwear harness for dogs, the padding is the culprit. As a rule of thumb, the master must be wary of any harness for dogs with padding or extra padding. That’s when the pet in question has the Houdini streak.

On the other hand for canines that have been exhibiting good behavior pretty much all the time, the owner can take some liberty with the pad to increase the dog’s comfort.  At the same time, the extra cushioning will reward the dog for best behavior. With this extra layer of protection, sudden jerky motions of the pet will not impact the chest and other adjacent areas.

It could be quite a pain for a pet owner with multiple wards when a small dog harness or a large one doesn’t come in extra sizes. Just some examples of these otherwise best dog harnesses are Ruffwear, Blueberry, and Majestic. Hence, a dog owner will have to dispense with using the same, say, leather dog harness when it will work just as well with a much bigger dog in the family.

So Kudos to Kurgo, PetSafe Gentle, and PetSafe Easy Walk for making the complete size selection possible. The availability certainly demonstrates just how much the manufacturers care for their customers. After all, it’s understandable how much it can hurt a company’s bottom line when it has to provide odd sizing in its product line.

Be careful when making your final choice at the store. Key to this would be to totally understand the physicality as well as the general behavior of your pet. For usually, neither the best dog harness nor its opposite comes with a return policy once the product has been used. It is also helpful to remember that a wonderful feature could have a disadvantage.  For example, the Blueberry Pet Step-In is the easiest dog harness to put on. At the same time, however, it is too rigid to adjust.