The Importance Of Dog Toys

Dog toys are very important for the development of a dog. Besides fighting boredom and relieving nervousness, they are also a great way to stimulate a dog’s brain, hence enabling the dog to develop mentally. Interactive dog toys, also known as enrichment dog toys, have become very popular among dog owners because of their ability to keep a dog entertained and challenge him/her at the same time. They are not only fun to play with but they also enable the dog to learn new things. They have different features such as unusual movements, unusual sounds, and unusual contents which draw your dog’s interest and keep him engaged throughout playtime. Some even dispense treats as a reward when your dog completes a challenge such as a puzzle.

Factors to consider when choosing toys for Your Dog

There are different types of toys for dogs available on the market and it is important to choose safe and durable toys that will be fun to play with and will help your dog grow. Choose the appropriate toy size for your dog to prevent him from swallowing or otherwise injuring itself with the toy. The best dog toys should be made of non-toxic material to avoid poisoning your dog as dogs like to chew on their toys and anything they come across. The material should also be durable so that you do not have to keep replacing the toys every so often.

Types of dog toys

Dog puzzles are popular today because of their ability to test your dog’s mental skills such as memory. They are also a useful dog training tools because the dog has to wait to be told to start and this makes him disciplined and obedient. Some of them have treats which provide an incentive for the dog to finish the puzzle because he knows he can only get the treat after he solves the puzzle. Dog puzzles can either be plastic or wooden. Most people prefer the plastic ones because they are easier to clean, but wooden dog puzzles are more durable.

Chew toys are another popular choice of toys. They keep a dog engaged and prevent it from chewing on other items around the house. Some of these are also treat-dispensing. You have to replace them when they become worn and you should therefore choose one made of durable material. Other cool dog toys available on the market include Kong toys, hollow bones, rope toys, rawhide bones and plush toys among others.


The importance of toys for dogs in the growth and development of a dog cannot be gainsaid. They are a necessity for dogs as they are the only way their mental skills are developed. Consult with your vet or dog trainer to know the best toys for your dog depending on his age and breed. There are many brands of dog toys online and you should do your research so that you purchase a reputable brand with excellent customer reviews. When you buy quality toys, your dog will thank you and you will be able to spend quality time with him while helping him develop both mentally and physically.