Information And Tips On Healthy Dog Treats

Like humans, dogs love treats! However, like humans they often like treats that are not good for them. There are treats for dogs that are not only tasty but healthy such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Dogs, like humans, need the vitamins and fiber that are in fresh fruit and veggies. Chewing on green beans or baby carrots are just two examples of other healthy treats. Vegetables are good for dogs, except raisins, grapes and sultanas; they are toxic to dogs. Check out best dog treats at your local pet shop.

Then there are fruit based treats like apple crisps and banana chips. They contain freeze-dried fruit and dogs love the taste of apple or banana. Another dog treat that is healthy and tasty are meat based treats. For dogs to like a meat based treat, try a product like Zuke’s Mini Naturals. Beef jerky is another great dog treat. Dogs love the smoky flavor! Keep in mind; jerky is low in calories and high in protein. However, there are cheap versions of beef jerky that use fillers such as corn, wheat or soy.

Another tasty and healthy dog treat are biscuit treats. Again, like humans, dogs like the crunchiness of chewing on a biscuit. Be sure to buy biscuits that are made of all natural ingredients such as oatmeal, cheddar, sweet potato and apples. Be careful not to buy biscuits that are full of artificial flavorings or preservatives. Another treat option for dogs is bully sticks. Bully sticks are popular with dogs because they are made from 100 percent beef tendon. They are high in protein and are nutritious; as we all as being free of antibiotics. They also keep your dog occupied when you are busy with other things.
Most importantly, there are also low calories treats for dogs such as oven-baked treats. They are free of flavorings, artificial colors and sugars.

Healthy dog treats have several benefits such as being sensitive to dog skin ailments and allergies, helping your dog maintain a healthy weight and providing him or her an with an overall fitness. Most importantly, there are several healthy dog treat tips that will make this process go smoother such as keeping a variety of dog treats on hand and avoiding dog treats that are high in sugar and read the labels carefully. The best dog treat is one that is healthy and nutritious!

In addition, you can also use dog treats to assist in their behavior like making your dog sit or stay. Also, be sure to first check with your veterinarian if you’re not sure that a special food you’d like to share with your dog is a healthy snack. Keep in mind; if you can’t find a healthy snack for your dog, then think about making your own natural dog food treats like plain unbuttered popcorn.

To conclude, dogs love treats! However, like humans they often like treats that are not good for them. Talk with your vet soon and find out about other healthy dog treats!