From Crates To Kennels

So you want your dog to have a suitable sleeping environment? Wondering how best to do this? Have you considered dog crates?

You will see many pet supply stores with dog crates for sale but you must remember that they are not appropriate outdoor housing. You will find that dog crates are for using for a number of reasons. If your dog needs to be confined following a surgical procedure then using a crate is the most logical option. It will keep them from doing something silly that may harm their injury or delay their healing.

Another purpose for a dog crate is if it is a difficult dog in need of training inside the house. The crate may be the go-to environment to let your dog know that if it partakes in an unfavorable activity then it is going to have to do a little time out from play. Not too long though, dogs are intelligent and often get messages easily.

Finally, a crate is often used if a dog needs a safe, secluded indoor environment for sleeping in. Like children, dogs can have a habit of ending up in perilous situations or causing some kind of mayhem when left to their own devises. Night time may be sleep time for you but they may not be ready for bed quite yet and they may have a tendency to eat anything and everything, sharp, important or poisonous. When their furless family aren’t present then there is no better time to get up to mischief. They may enjoy a good furniture chew also. You have bought them a fantastic selection of chew toys, in all different shapes and sizes, but they’re just not as fun as gnawing on a leather recliner or your new coffee table. For these such reasons a crate may be more necessary than a debatable decision.

Fear not, cheap dog crates can be found. There are many sources to sift through when embarking on this endeavor. Sometimes such things may appear quite pricey when you peruse the shops but online you may find a much more desirable deal. Even consider second hand crates. As long as they have been well kept and sterilized before your dog uses them then they could really fit the bill. The only thing you need then is some bedding to go in the bottom. The majority of dog crates will feature thin metal bars and a plastic flooring. You will certainly need something comfy over that.

If it is more outdoor housing that you are searching for though, what you will need to look at are dog kennels. There are many dog kennels for sale in all shapes and sizes. Where, with crates, you are limited to the basic sizes available, kennels are a much broader product. You can even have a kennel custom made. They come in wood, metal and even plastic. Your choice of kennel wholly relies on its purpose. Is it a simple time-out kennel? Is it shelter from the rain whilst playing? Is it a nighttime sleeping area? Whatever the purpose, you will need to really think about what you need it for and decide on the associated aspects based on that.

Crates and kennels are very different entities but each has its own level of importance and should be considered thoroughly before purchase.