Food And Nutrition For Your Black German Shepherd

The German Shepherd Dog, also known as GSD, is a large dog that is quite muscular for its size. It needs a lot of proteins in its diet to maintain its muscles and body. Black German Shepherds needs even better nutrition to keep its fur coat lustrous and polished. The two essential ingredients of your dogs food, therefore, are fat and proteins. According to experts, a growing German Shepherd needs about 22% proteins in its diet for healthy growth, whereas an adult GSD needs about 18% proteins in its diet. When it comes to fat, experts recommend about 8% fat in diet for growth, and 5% fat in diet for maintenance for adult dogs. However, getting the right mix is not easy as it sounds. We will see how you can feed them the right mix to give them the best nutrition possible also don’t forget about calcium supplements for dogs.

Wet, Semi-Moist and Dry Dog Food

Calcium Supplements For Your DogThere are three types of commercial dog foods available in the market. This distinction is made by the amount of moisture in the dog food. Wet dog food contains about 60%-70% water, and is available in foil pouches or in cans. This type of dog food contains less food for each gram in weight compared to dry food, and therefore the serving size of this type of dog food is the largest. This also makes it one of the costlier options when it comes to dog food; because you need more of it to feed a dog as large as a black German Shepherd. Semi-moist dog food is tasty for a dog because it contains a lot of sugar. However, that also makes it a sub-par food choice. It contains about 25% moisture or water, and can be rolled into balls as a snack. This type of food should not be given regularly, and should only be used as a snack. Dry food contains less than 10% moisture, and gives you the most bang for your buck when it comes to cost effectiveness. It is also known as kibbles. It can be chewed by the dog, except in cases where the dog has teeth problems, in which case the dog should be given wet food. You can also mix it with semi-moist food in case the dog finds this kind of food boring, read more at german shepherd dog site.

Meal Schedule for your German Shepherd Dog

Free feeding is the type of feeding where food is left for the dog to eat at his own time. For other types of breeds, free feeding may be an option, but not for German Shepherd Dogs. These dogs need specific mealtimes that should be set by you for your convenience. They should be fed about three to four times a day, under your supervision. This regimen should be established when they are young, as they should be allowed to grow into this so that it becomes a part of their daily schedule. Normally, the German Shepherd will know how much it wants to eat, after which it will stop eating. However, for puppies they may need to be stopped from eating after 15 minutes by taking away their food bowl.

A Happy Home For Fido – Kennels

Dogs are usually treated as a part of the family, and because of this, they tend to get spoiled rather well. From special treats that make your dog’s teeth brighter to having their very own wardrobe that could put some women to shame. While many people find the latter to be a bit excessive, there is always a meeting point between practicality and complete and utter eccentricity. Most are fine with the slightly more expensive treats and the toys required to keep your best friend happy and healthy but draw the line at clothes for the pooch. There is something that many people don’t think about, but it is an essential part of a dog’s life, and that is a dog crate.

There are many different types of dog crates out on the market for every size and aged dog. Containers are designed to be easy to set up and quick to disassemble, and most of all are comfortable for the dog to be in. When looking for a new kennel for a dog, many factors come into play like how large or small the animal is, if they will be growing still, if the puppy likes to chew on the bars, or if they like to see outside of their kennel. There are lots of places to find dog crates for sale. Supercenter stores like Wal-Mart and Shopko are always an excellent place to find cheap dog crates that get the job done, but lack the frivolity of the more expensive competition.

Obviously, these are not the only ones out there, but the ones at these stores will be the easiest to afford and maintain and will be found everywhere. From there, you move up to more specialty stores like Tractor Supply Company who sell farming equipment, but also try to have a large selection of pet supplies for people’s adopted family members. They will have similar products like Wal-Mart, but also have more than the run-of-the-mill variety. The best store for collection will be pet stores specifically. There is always the internet too, but you miss out on the sight of the product and a few other downsides this way.

The best dog kennels for sale are often around forty-five to fifty dollars. They may not be the most expensive ones, but for value compared to the price, the dog will not be missing much after the fifty dollar mark. That does not mean that the more expensive ones are the wrong product, but they are more designed for the comfort of the human aspect. Some have a decorative outside to look more like an end table instead of a kennel. That is a nice feature for people trying to hide something as cumbersome as a crate but doesn’t do anything to help with the dog’s comfort level.

Several different companies make kennels on Superdrol. A few of the bigger ones are Midwest, Ruff Tough, Great Choice, New Age Habitat, and Frisco. All these companies have great reviews and a fantastic product line. These are great places to start when making a purchase for a new crate for your furry friend.